[content_box width=”80%”][headline_cufon_font_left color=”#0000FF”]Inside You’ll Learn[/headline_cufon_font_left]
[text_bar_2_left + width=”100%”]Module #1 – LinkedIn Overview[/text_bar_2_left]
I’ll Show you How to Leverage LinkedIn, Build Brand, Get Targeted Leads and Multiply your Sales.You will Discover:

  • Solving the #1 Problem for Business Users
  • Build your Brand, Leads, Traffic and Sales
  • Create a Focused Precision Marketing System
  • See How other Successful Companies can be the Blueprint for your Success



[text_bar_2_left + width=”100%”]Module #2 – Create a Foundation for Success[/text_bar_2_left]

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a solid LinkedIn profile using my 5-step system – This process is absolutely critical
  • Stay focused on your LinkedIn goals so you make the most of your time
  • Track your LinkedIn search rankings so you can stay ahead of your competition
  • Look professional with a custom URL
  • How to Stand out from the Crowd and Show Your Expertise
  • Make yourself 40 times more likely to benefit from LinkedIn

[text_bar_2_left + width=”100%”]Module #3 –Build Your Network[/text_bar_2_left]

You’ll learn the best ways to:

  • Connect with customers and drive more traffic to your website by starting your own LinkedIn Group
  • Exponentially get more done in less time by tapping into the power of other LinkedIn Groups
  • Get more profitable leads using my “Lead Generation 101” system
  • How to build and grow targeted connections to acquire your perfect Job

[text_bar_2_left + width=”100%”]Module #4 –Develop Your Company Brand[/text_bar_2_left]

I’ll show you:

  • The right way to set up your company page for maximum impact
  • 7 Powerful Promotional Strategies for Company pages
  • LinkedIn Metrics – The key to continuous improvement

[text_bar_2_left + width=”100%”]Bonus #1 –Your Facebook Launch Guide[/text_bar_2_left]

Link into Business Ebook (Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for Business)This is a short 21+ page, special insiders report that will reveal some awesome strategies on how to leverage LinkedIn for Business, so you know how to use it to Sky Rocket your sales.

[text_bar_2_left + width=”100%”]Bonus #2 –Your Facebook Launch Guide[/text_bar_2_left]

Link into Business MindmapThis mindmap has been crafted to help you to get a good overview of the course to enable you to take more effective action with it.
[text_bar_2_left + width=”100%”]Bonus #3 –Your Facebook Launch Guide[/text_bar_2_left]

Link into Business checklist This cheat sheet is a convenient checklist that you can print out to check off every task that you need to perform to be successful with this course. It gives you all the main steps you need to perform in one easy to follow document.

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