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Make Money Promoting a GREAT Product

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Make money promoting a solid product

If you care about promoting rock solid products that over deliver on value, then you will love the feedback you get when promoting LinkedInfluence. We have spent months working on this product, and the results speak for themselves. We have received tons of great feedback. Since inception, LinkedInfluence has had a low refund rate of 5.8%. Many ClickBank products average well over 20% refund rates.

How much will you earn?

We are happy to reward you with 50% of all sales including the upsell & continuity offers. This product is being offered through Clickbank which means you are guaranteed to get paid in a timely fashion. Commision checks are cut every 15 days by ClickBank.

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Sample Headlines

The “Secret” Social Network? [Video]
Check Out This (MVP of Social Networks)
Double the Conversions Over Facebook???
This Site is Crushing Facebook! [Video]
How to Access 100 Million New Leads
Biggest Opportunities in Social Media Today!
How to Build a 40,000 Person List (for free)
Why You’re NOT Getting Social Media Results
The Forgotten Social Network
Better Than Facebook and Google Combined???
Forget Facebook – Use This!
Social Media That Works

Copy and Paste email for affiliates

Swipe Email #1

Stop what you are doing right now and take a few minutes to watch this extremely important video on LinkedIn.

This video explains why this often overlooked social networking site is delivering double the results over every other site.

My friend Lewis Howes (the main guy when it comes to all things LinkedIn) put it together and I know it will add value to your business.

Take my word for it and go watch it now!

<Your Name Here>


Swipe Email #2


Watch this brief video and learn how one guy drives a ton of automated traffic to his sites daily, has built an uber responsive email list, and created multiple 6 figure businesses over the last year…

… all from spending a few minutes a day on this social network.

It made me realize that I need to start enhancing my profile on this site immediately.

This is not hype, not a gimmick, not a joke. These are real results that a good friend has received and It’s well worth a few minutes of your time to learn more.

More details to come in the following 48 hours.

To your success,

<Your Name Here>


Swipe Email #3

Are you currently generating targeted leads on LinkedIn? If you aren’t, stop what you are doing and take a few minutes to watch this video.

I think you will agree that LinkedIn is the most powerful social networking site for your business when you are done.

Quite honestly, after watching this I realized I need to step up my efforts on LinkedIn ASAP!

Check it out HERE and let me know your thoughts.

<Your Name Here>


Swipe Email #4

Do you want to learn why LinkedIn is the most powerful social networking site for your business and will most likely double your results over any other site?

Watch this short video to learn why.

<Your Name Here>


Additional Bullet Points

Additional Sample Bullet points

Feel free to use any of these in your emails if you want to talk about
what people will get out of the course in your own words

In this video you will learn:

  • Why LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for business professionals
  • How to get a job using LinkedIn (in any economy)
  • How to build a 40,000 person email list on LinkedIn
  • Why you should focus more energy on LinkedIn over Facebook
  • How to use LinkedIn to sell more tickets to your live events
  • How to drive More Traffic to your site
  • How to generate More Sales on autopilot
  • How to double conversions on LinkedIn Ads
  • How to use this “secret network” to connect with key decision makers


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